What is Panfu?

Children are naturally curious, they explore the world by playing and gain knowledge in the course of their activities, thereby continuously expanding the limits of their reality. Nowadays children of all ages naturally grow up around technical media, and therefore it is important for us to gently introduce your children to this world.

Panfu combines play, knowledge, discovery, fun and safety. We provide a place for creativity, playful learning, social interaction and adventure for your child.

Panfu is a safe and diverse online world, where children between the ages of 6 and 12 years experience exciting adventures and satisfy their curiosity together with their friends. Every child has their own Panda avatar, a fun and safe online identity. Together, the Pandas play, solve tricky tasks, playfully learn maths and experience new things. Through this, the imagination of children is cultivated in an engaging way, their curiosity is satisfied and they gently discover the possibilities of the internet.

Exchange with Friends: social interaction via safe chat function

Fun learning: appealing and educational games from the award-winning line of educational games "Learning Progress - Elementary Level" (Lernerfolg Grundschule) by Tivola.

Games and Adventures: entertainment suitable for children

Protected Online Environment: adherence to strict safety standards

Acquiring Media Literacy: playful use of technology

Frequent addition of new content

Motivating reward system: guarantees continued gaming and learning fun


Panfu provides a comprehensive introduction to the internet and every aspect of the game was designed with your child's needs in mind. There are many good reasons to let your child join Panfu.


Benefits at a Glance:

  • Experience games and adventure in an >environment suitable for children
  • Fun learning through school relevant educational games from the award-winning line of educational games "Learning Progress - Elementary Level" (Lernerfolg Grundschule) by Tivola
  • Development of creativity and encouragement of curiosity through personalisation of avatar and environment
  • Acquiring of media and social competence in a moderated virtual world
  • Surfing in an ad free and safe environment
  • Expert assistance for parents in teaching media competence to their children
  • Frequent addition of new content

Would you like your children to experience the online world of Panfu? Then test our offer now.