Evron's return to Panfu!

9. September 2020

Good morning pandas! We are finally back from our little summer break.

We have been really busy lately and unfortunately we haven't got the time to write a blog entry for you!

But I'm sure you had fun without us. After all, we celebrated our 1st birthday in the last few weeks!

But unfortunately have bad news for you:

EVRON IS BACK !! He turned our beautiful tree in front of the castle into a MONSTER !!!!!" :shock:

Be careful when you go to the castle ... Who knows what else Evron is up to....:(

The winner of the last expert question is: Patron. You get 10,000 panda coins and a college hat. This week, write us what your favorite Panfu adventure from the original Panfu was. You can win a college hat and a broken monitor for your tree house ... (I found it in Prof. Bookwoorm's laboratory ......)


Check back soon for a special competition, and until then, have fun on Panfuag!

Paws up for Panfu,

Ella and Max

Kamaria Has a Surprise in Store!

21. July 2020

Good Morning Pandas,

Kamaria has prepared a surprise for you. Go and see her to find out more. I’ll only say this much: Sun, water, beach…

…and a shipwreck.

Exactly. But I think it’s enough with the hints now – we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Alright then…can you tell the Pandas more about your abduction?

Yeah, I’ve managed to calm down a bit. So I was chained to the gate in front of Evron’s castle. He only did that so you could see me suffer. At night, the guards locked me in a cell without a window and then turned the light off :shock: You can’t imagine how creepy that was! I spent most of my time there lying on the bed awake. I lost all sense of time and didn’t know if I’d been locked in the room for one or two days at a time.

Oh no, you poor thing! I will get that Evron, I promise you.

At some point they opened the door and gave me a pancake to eat. The pancake was so big that I couldn’t even finish it. Now I know what they have on the inside of the castle: a massive pancake machine! :shock: That was what you took a picture of during the quest “Spies in Bitterland”:

I’ve had enough of pancakes for now. I feel sick when I smell them in th City :( Do you guys have a food that makes you feel sick?

Last expert question winner is: Krotz. You get a great hero suit. Now you can protect Panfu! Write us a dish this week that you don't like. A random comment receives a college hat and 10,000 panda coins!

Paws up for Panfu,

Ella and Max

Welcome Home!

30. Juny 2020

Hello Pandas,

I am back o Panfu. Yaaaaay!! I missed you so much and I want to say


[cough] [cough] Didn't you forget someone there?

Of course, Max also helped. But I thanked you with a big smack on the cheek. In Bitterland. Have you already forgotten?

No, of course not. It’s just that everything happened so fast…we quickly had to disappear in the tunnel again. One of Evron’s minions noticed that Ella was gone and shouted “FOLLOW THEM”, so all of a sudden, we had ten minions following us :!: I was so scared, but luckily managed to keep a calm head and immediately knew what to do. At the first opportunity, I let my hat fall to the left, but we then took the next path to the right, all to confuse the guards. Clever, right?

That really saved our lives. Thanks again!

You should relax a little now. I'll make you a warm cocoa now, but before that there is a new expert question!

Last expert question winner is: Patron. The answer is: 2 owls

Experts of the week ask: In which room is the game: City runner? Write the solution as a comment below the article. You can win a college hat and a hero suit this time!

Paws for Panfu!
and Max

Ella is Gone!

10. Juny 2020

Hello fluffy Pandas,

I come bearing worrying news that we can no longer keep from you….Ella is gone!!

We have not heard from her in a few days. No calls, no messages. Her mobile also seems to be turned off…Max has been looking for Ella all that time. He also went to the police to report her missing, but there’s just no trace of her :( Max can’t even sleep, he’s so worried.

We are so worried about our Ella. That’s why we need your help!! Only you can find Ella now.

Do you have any idea where Ella could be? Have you seen her in the last few days? Every little bit of information could help. Please drop a message into the comments if you know anything.

We also need some Pandas who’ll help us hang posters with Ella’s picture on them in all of Panfu.

Can you help? Come to the City if you can. Max will tell you where to hang the posters.

Thank you so much in advance!

Last expert question winner is: Krotz. The answer was: Old Harbour

Expert Question of the Week:

How many owls are there on Panfu?
Send us the solution as a comment below the article and win a college hat and an ice machine for your tree house

Your worried Kamaria

Fluffy visit to Panfu!

3. Juny 2020

Good morning pandas,

Have you been to San Fran Panfu today?

No? Then you don't even know who is on Panfu!

Let's put it this way ... It's a fluffy being. It comes from a world where trees no longer grow!

But that was enough information. If you want to know who it is, check out Sanfranpanfu!

Last expert question winner is: Lominu. The answer was there are 3 candy machines on Panfu!

Expert question of the week:

In which room is the game: Pop it!?
Send us the solution as a comment below the article and win a college hat and a Pokopet t-shirt (If you win and you already have the college hat, you only get the clothing)

Paws for Panfu!
and Max


20. May 2020

Good Morning Pandas,

You can not believe who came to Panfu today ..... It is Pan Lee !!! My grandpa

Ella came to my tree house today to tell me that. I almost choked on my toast bread.

Yes ... I wasn't prepared for it. Usually my great-grandfather announces himself beforehand ... It must be something serious ...

I don't think so ... But we can go to Panlee. He's waiting on the castle terrace...

Subject change---

We have great news to announce...

We have just heard from our developers that we will soon get new Level !!!

to be exact 5.

You are probably thinking now why only 5?.. There is a simple reason, the team behind Panfuag works around the clock to make the panda world more beautiful for you. and the Panfu team is also working on a continuation when the flash player ends. I think more levels are coming soon

Before we let you into the Panfu world, we have a new one and the winner of the last Expert Question:

Last expert question winner is: Malix. The answer was kiosk & pet shop

Expert Question of the Week:

How many candy machines are there on Panfu?
Send us the solution as a comment below the article and win a college hat and a strictly limited Pan Lee painting for your tree house (If you win and you already have the college hat, you will only get the furniture)

Paws for Panfu!
and Max

The robot is defeated!!

13. May 2020

Good morning pandas,

have you already dared inside the robot?

Yes of course! Your fear was completely unfounded. No electric shock! It is completely harmless in the machine room and it is even a lot of fun to solve the puzzles. I took a photo of it so you can calm down. I have to admit that Professor Bookworm's sliding puzzle was quite difficult, but after a few tries I did it. This is how the picture should look at the end:

Thanks for your help. I will venture into the knight's belly, but not without my metal knight's helmet. It may protect me from dangerous electric rays…

Don't panic Ella, nothing is really going to happen to you.

Ok if you say so. Wish me good luck!

Wait!! We still have to announce the winner of the last experts question, and of course the new one!

Last expert question winner is: Sofijer. There are 3 rows of seats

Expert question of the week:

Where in Panfu can you play Bolly Games?
Send us the solution as a comment below the article and win a college hat and a great lamp for your tree house! (If you win and you already have the college hat, you only get the furniture)

Paws for Panfu!
and Max

Giant Legs in the Jungle!!

29. April 2020

Good Morning Pandas,

Have you noticed what’s been going on in Panfu? Evron built a Giant Robot. Um, I mean, Bookworm lost Evron’s remote control. Uh, no. A robot stepped on the remote control…what on earth am I saying? A robot will crush Evron…

Max, what on earth are you talking about? Why are you so nervous?

No wonder with all the stuff going on around here, is it?! Ah, it’s just bad all around! Evron really has his fingers in every pie.

True. He always manages to be in the right place at the right time. This time, he actually managed to snatch the remote control to Bookworm’s Giant Robot from right unter my nose. I’d just about managed to crawl into the bush, wiped away all the cobwebs, stretched out my hand towards the remote…and suddenly, there’s Evron, taking the remote!

I got an electric shock from his weird ray. Ouch :(

And that’s only the beginning. Just imagine all the things that Evron could use the robot for! It’s so big, it could destroy all of Panfu with just a few kicks and swings of its arms :shock:

Now we can only hope Evron doesn’t know how to use the remote.

Last expert question winner is: knijntje. There are 39 flowers!

Experts question of the week-

How many rows of seats are there in the Race Track’s grand stand?

Drop the solution into the comment section and win a great Collegehut and Ice Cream Maker!

(Pandas who already have the hat will not get a new hat.)

Fingers crossed!

Your Ella and your Max

Soap Opera on Panfu!

24. April 2020

This morning Stella's first appearance is on the soap bubble stage.

The concert would almost have fallen into the water if Max hadn't bravely jumped in! You hardly believe it, but Stella still has as much stage fright before every concert as when she made her first appearance two years ago!

My little Stella was so nervous that her whole body was sweaty and hot. :???:   Sie hat sogar kurzzeitig ihre Stimme verloren! So sehr hatte sie Angst, sich vor euch Pandas zu blamieren.

Luckily, I remembered how Stella got rid of her stage fright two years ago: by giving Max an appearance in a dog costume before her show! :D Also hieß es für Max wieder “Wuff Wuff”, ab ins Körbchen…oder besser: auf die Bühne.

I can't hold a single note while singing! :oops:

That was exactly the plan. After your embarrassing performance, Stella was no longer afraid to sing. Good dog! :D

Woof woof woof! That means something like “Now we are looking for an expert of the week again”. :D Write the solution to the following question by Wednesday as a comment and win a college hat and a baby carriage for your tree house.

How many yellow flowers have grown in the castle courtyard?

Have a look at the Pokopet barn, the bouncer tells you more!

Good luck and have fun with Stella's appearance!
Max and Ella

Picnic Time!

16. April 2020

Good morning pandas,

We hope you all had a nice Easter!

Benny Bunny was also on Panfu ... It could only have been a great Easter!..

Before we start with today's topic, we would like to say sorry. We haven't written a new entry for over 1 month. Unfortunately, that was the reason that we simply didn't have time ... We had to solve so many secret missions ... I'll tell you more about that another time.

But now we are back for you and regularly write new entries! Now let's start with what's new on Panfu from today!

The picnic season is finally open !!! Bruno wants to have a great picnic this weekend! He has placed picnic blankets at Panfu's most beautiful places

Now only you is missing! By the way, Bruno has a little present for you ... he's waiting for you in the swimming pool

And we also improved the navigation system and added the Pokopet catalog and a blog symbol!

Check back soon! We have a lot of great information for you :-)

Paws for Panfu!
Max and Ella

February in Panfu

1. February 2020

Good morning pandas,

We hope you all had a Happy Chinese New Year. But now the next Higliht is on the program:

February 14 is Valentine's Day. We have great things for you:

New Furnitures:
Valentine's furniture will be available from February 4th

Panfu in Valentine's Day mood:
The castle will be decorated from 8 February to 15 February for Valentine's Day.

Rare Items and more
-> In the item machine you will find great Valentine's Day decorations and items during the month

-> Penny is giving heart balloons to all pandas from February 8, you can find them at the castle.

Say goodbye to:
-> Napasapa will fly home with your help on February 5.

-> The ice rink will be closed on February 17th and your ice skates will walk back to Manny.

-> We don't want to tell you anything yet. Check the blog daily to find out more

Last experts winners: Krotz
The same hairstyle as Napasapa has on Panfu: Gonzo

We hope you like our ideas..

Check the blog every day, one thing is said, we didn't tell you everything! :-)

Paws for Panfu
Max and Ella

New Year's Quiz winner

16. January 2020

Good morning Pandas,

I organized a contest where you could win the following items

Today I would like to announce the winners of the items

The winners:




The solution was: Bolly

Congratulations! There will be more contests soon.

Love & Peace,

Napasapa is coming!

12. January 2019

Good morning pandas,

I've been puzzling for daaaays ... What happened to Napasapa? A spell? or maybe something completely different?

I don't think even Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and Supermann together could find out anything in this case. Napasapa lives light years away from us. Even if we found out why he was so cold, we couldn't help Napasapa anyway. He didn't even land on Panfu. According to Kamaria's calculations, his spaceship will not arrive on the volcano until Wednesday.

Then we finally learn why Napasapa freezes so terribly. I couldn't find a trace, but I guess: maybe the air conditioning in the spaceship has failed?

Or was it too hot in the spaceship and Napasapa wanted to get some fresh air on his flight? But what he has forgotten: Temperatures of - 270 degrees Celsius are in space. :!:

Hmmm, interesting theory!
Do you have any idea why Napasapa freezes so terribly? Write them to us as a comment! Who knows? Maybe one of you has exactly the right nose.

By the way, we would like to resume an old blog contest ... The experts ask the week!

Experts question:
Which npc on Panfu has the same hair as "Napasapa"?

Well, do you know? Then write the solution as a comment under this article. As always, we randomly select a winner who wins these two cool prizes: a Colle hat and a funny Pokopet shirt. :)

Paws for Panfu!
Max and Ella

Kamarias New Year's quize

5. January 2019

Good morning dear pandas,

do you want to prove that you know a lot about Panfu? Then take part in the big Panfu New Year quiz and win the Pet & the items:

Just answer the following 5 questions and write down the letters. A solution word then results from these. Please write this solution word as a comment in the blog by Friday. At the end of next week I will announce the 3 winners here on the blog :-) .


1. When is Ella's birthday?

B) 11. July
C) 01. Oktober
D) 24. December

2. Where on Panfu can you find a unicorn?

M) at the ponyyard
N) in the jungle
O) in the scary forest

3. How many Pokopets can you buy in the Pokopet catalog?

L) 6
M) 7
N) 8

4. Where works Lili Panhung?

K) in the Chez Bruno
L) in the beauty salon
M) in the Hospital

5. What are the names of the aliens that landed on Panfu a long time ago?

X) E.T and E.F.
Y) Nui, Trawui and Napasapa
Z) Fred, Brainbot and Oscar

Good luck!

Love & Peace,


15. December 2019

Hello Pandas!

Krunchi had to go home to his island.

He wanted to thank all the pandas for the food and is giving you a present.

But what should I tell you? Just log in to Panfu and visit me on the beach. Then you will get your gift

And if you like Krunchi, you can download it on your smartphone or tablet.

Oh yeah, almost forgotten, I should tell you that Oloko will be back on oloko.eu at 18:00 (german time) today. There you can simply play with your Panfu account. Have fun!

So then, pandas - see you soon. I wait for you on the beach ...

Your Bruno

Nicholas Day 2019

6. December 2019

Hi Pandas!

Nicholas is on Panfu! :-) :-) .

Nicholas is giving you some presents in town today!;-) .

See you at Panfu!
Your Ella
and Your Max

Auf zum Nordpol!

1. December 2019


It's snowing on Panfu, is that nice! Now we can finally throw snowballs and build snowmen again. :) Are you already in the snow?

According to my observation, many pandas are already in the snow. I've seen pandas in the snow everywhere. And almost all lead to the castle courtyard. No wonder, because there is a Big surprise awaiting you: a Christmas elf is on Panfu and he has brought a beautiful Christmas tree for the castle courtyard. He will decorate it a bit more every Sunday in Advent

That was not all! The elf now takes us every day on a new journey with his reindeer sled. But we do not just take a small sled tour through the forest, but we drive to the North Pole! :shock: Ist das zu glauben? Ich bin schon ganz gespannt, wie es dort aussieht. Max und ich haben uns noch schnell eine warme Mütze, Handschuhe und Fellschuhe über das Elfenkostüm angezogen. Am Nordpol soll es bitterkalt sein!

Can you still not get enough? Bruno found someone there .. Visit him on the beach.

Keep your ears warm!
and Ella

Will Christmas be out this year?

28. November 2019

Hello Pandas!

On Panfu it is getting colder and colder .. :-) :-) .

Many pandas were in party fever over the weekend, Finally, manny completed the Igloo;-) .

By the way, behind the scenes, in the Panfu headquarters, the computers are already running at full speed. There you are in the middle of the preparations for & # 8230; well, you know? CHRISTMAS of course !! So far, we've been so distracted by the Igloo that there's not even time to think about Christmas! But now the 1st of December and thus the first Advent is getting closer and Panfu still has no Christmas decorations!

That's almost a scandal, do not you think? But do not worry, soon Panfu will also be in Christmas mood. Maybe you can help us too!

Please tell us on Discord what you find most beautiful in the run up to Christmas! Or what you've always liked about Panfu in the run up to Christmas. Some of you are very loyal pandas who have been celebrating the festival on Panfu for years.

We are looking forward to your opinions!
Your Ella
and Your Max

The igloo is ready!

24. Nov 2019

Good morning dear pandas, were you already in the jungle today?

Not??! Then you have not seen the New Igloo yet, Manny did it last night thanks to your help.

I was already there


WAIT what ?! You have been there without me?

Sorry Ella ... I was too excited

Oh Max: o, I have to look at it I'm curious what it looks like

I hope it does not melt...

See you in Panfu dear pandas!

Paws for Panfu!
and Ella

The winners of the Halloween contest

23. Nov 2019

Good morning dear pandas!

Some time ago we hosted a tree house contest in our Discord server.

For all who missed it, It was about the scary-wise tree house to build.

A jury has now checked the tree houses. Here is the result:

Place 3: MrKumpelblase.

Platz 3

Congratulations! You get a ghost costume!

Place 2: Martinike.

Platz 3

Congratulations! You get 500 panda coins and a ghost costume!

Place 1: Samino.

Platz 3

Congratulations! You will receive 5000 Panda coins, a ghost costume, and a talisman.


Platz 3

You get an apple !!!!

Och Ella .. That would not have to be :D

Follow our blog, which will soon launch the next contest.

Paws for Panfu!
and Ella

It's getting colder ..

22. Nov 2019

Brrr Goo..d morn..ing pa...nda..s

It's pretty cold today, It even started to snow !!

That's great news. I even made you a warm tea.

mhm Delicious, he'll do fine.

Now it can not really be long before Panfu shines in white.

Best you look over every day. It has also announced high visit

I can not wait to build snowmen and drop Max off with snowballs ..


um .. I have to go .. NOW!!!

Paws for Panfu!
und Ella

Prof.Bookwoorms Snow calculation ..

21. Nov 2019

Good morning Pandas!

Have you visited manny and brought him a block of ice?

Manny is so busy building the Igloo .. According to Manny's calculations, the Igloo opens already on Sunday!

Would not the igloo melt? There is still no snow falling.

Prof.Bookwoorm says, It can not take much longer until the first snow falls ... The ice floes will not melt, Do not worry Max

You're right ... Manny knows what he's doing.

We will inform you as soon as we have new information about the Igloo building.

Paws for Panfu!
and Ella

Manny in pre-Christmas mood ..

20. Nov 2019

Hi Pandas!

There is something going on in the jungle today!

Manny has a great idea for the winter!

Exactly ... He wants to build an Igloo!

However, he needs our help. Pandas, visit him in the jungle. The more help the faster the Igloo is done!

Paws for Panfu!
and Ella

Technical problems ...

19 Nov 2019

Hello Pandas!

unfortunately there were big problems with our server provider ...

As a result we had a data loss and all pandas were deleted ..

Just create a new account. You will receive all levels until 21.11.2019 Level 10 and 5 thousand coins!

Paws for Panfu!
and Ella

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